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Optifast Shake Program

How Optifast Shakes Can Change Your Life

Optifast Shake Program
The OPTIFAST Program is designed to monitor weight loss and help participants feel better, physically and emotionally. The program was created to last a total of 26 weeks. Using Optifast Shakes, a meal replacement plan is started with each person. Participants will then transition from the Optifast Shakes at Amcal to meals that are prepared every day. The meal plan is also combined with health education and support from the Optifast team.How Does it Work?
In addition, to the Optifast Shakes, there are different components to the program:Meal Replacement and Medical Assistance
The meal replacement component will enable participants to easily cut out unhealthy food choices. This is where the Optifast Vanilla Shake at Amcal mainly come into play. The portions of food along with the types of food you eat will be evaluated and monitored in order to move along to the next step in your weight loss journey. Physicians will make sure that all weight loss is healthy and sustainable for your body.

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Education will be given out on different topics such as exercise, everyday choices, and nutrition. This education will empower participants to design a better, and healthier, lifestyle for themselves.

Counseling and Emotional Support
The program is not just built on drinking Optifast Shakes! Participants will receive counseling and any extra support that is needed. This will encourage not only the physical change but mental change as well. There are both individual and group counseling options available. The counseling component is run by health experts who understand the challenges of the program, and of health in general.

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Personalized Assistance
Because every person is different, every journey to health will be different as well. Because of this, the Optifast Shake program offers differentiated assistance to every participant in the program. Assistance is even offered after the program to make sure that everyone is able to sustain their success that they made initially.

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