Warrnambool Obesity Surgery

If you or someone you know is struggling with severe obesity and suffering from obesity related health conditions, Mr. Philip Gan can help! We specialize in the 
LAP-BAND� System surgery
 and long-term patient management to help our patients take control of their obesity and regain their health.

Mr Philip Gan is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Surgeons (FRACS) with a particular interest in advanced laparoscopic surgery. He has been performing LAP-BAND� surgerysince 2002 and, together with is wife, Dr Ping Fung, offers a comprehensive service with pre- and post-operative education and ongoing aftercare.

A decision to have obesity surgery is not to be taken lightly. The goal of this website is to provide you with information that can help you decide whether obesity surgery is right for you and if you are a candidate for the LAP-BAND� System surgery.

Please note that the information in this website is an educational resource, and should not be used for decisions about any obesity surgery or management. All such decisions must be made in consultation with a surgeon or your healthcare provider.

Musashi Protein

Musashi Protein

Get Shredded and Powerful With Musashi

Take your fitness game to a whole new level with Musashi P20 Low Carb protein. Available in Iced Chocolate and Creamy Vanila, Musashi combines cutting-edge developments in sports nutrition with a realistic respect for the unique protein needs of warriors, enthusiasts, determined amateurs and seasoned pros.

Amcal Musashi Protein P20 spares your body any excess carbs, which is crucial during cutting phases, diet cycle periods and precontest crunches. But there’s no loss of flavor, and each serving offers 20 grams of delicious, sating protein. Musashi’s emphasis on protein emphasizes lean body, giving your muscle cells the tools they need to grow while reducing the risk of catabolism.

Image for Musashi BULK Extreme Choc Mint Protein Powder - 2.25kg from Amcal

Musashi P20 is also jolly useful when you want to augment the protein content of muscle-building baking products on your cheat days, such as low carb muffins, scones or cakes. The classic vanilla and chocolate flavors can easily substitute dry baking ingredients as you require.

Each serving of Musashi P20 supplies glutamine to support a speedy recovery and minimize soreness between your workouts. With faster recovery and less soreness, you can tackle your workouts more frequently and with enhanced vigor. Glutamine also positively affects your digestion and your immune system, ensuring that your body’s key systems function optimally while you punish yourself in the rack.

One of the main advantages of Musashi Mint Protein at Amcal P20 is its comprehensive mix of proteins, each supplying its unique array of essential amino acids and branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), such as methionine and tyrosine.

Methionine is crucial to the healthy function of your liver, and tyrosine improves your levels of neurotransmitters, giving you a sense of enhanced alertness, attention and focus inside, and out, of the gym. A single 30-gram serving of Musashi P20 contains a mixture of whey protein isolate and concentrate from both milk and soy.

Image for Musashi P45 Cookies & Cream Bar - 90g from Amcal

Isolate possesses higher protein content with lower carbs, fat and lactose, while concentrate is economical, easy-to-digest and rich in both essential aminos and BCAAs. The protein in Musashi P20 is ultra-filtered and instantised, which gives it extra fine consistency and solubility, so it mixes easily with fluid and yields a smooth texture.

Musashi P20 is great with water or blended with milk, rice milk, nut milks or goat’s milk. A serving of the Creamy Vanilla adds an element of ‘a la mode’ to fruit smoothies and juices, while a scoop of Iced Chocolate introduces a hint of decadence to berry- or banana-based smoothies.

Try the Musashi Vanilla Protein Power here https://www.amcal.com.au/musashi-bulk-mass-gain-protein-powder-vanilla—2-28kg-p-9314549903434

Breast pump types

The Different Types of Breast Pumps a Lactating Mother Can Use

Every mom out there has probably heard of the phrase ‘breast is the best.’ Leading professional organizations and Paediatric associations around the world coined this phrase to sensitize lactating mothers about the importance of breastfeeding their children during their most critical development stage — the first six months after birth — as opposed to formula-feeding them. Breast milk is the complete food for new born babies. During this development phase, infants need the nutrients to develop their immune systems and keep them from developing mental conditions. These nutrients can only be found in breast milk, and unless there is a medical reason not to do so, doctors recommend that mothers consistently breastfeed their children for the first six months of their lives — at least, hence the need for an Avent Breast Pump at Amcal. Whether you choose to breastfeed your child for more than six months, that’s up to you, but there’s no harm in it.

Image for Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Electric Breast Pump from Amcal

What Are The Different Types Of Breast Pumps?

Every breastfeeding mother out there, whether they are working or stay-at-home moms, needs a breast pump- maybe even for medical reasons. A doctor may advise you to stop breastfeeding your child for a few days, which would require you to have a breast pump to help you get rid of the breast milk. Sometimes, due to professional or other reasons, you could be spending some time away from your child which also calls for a breast pump. Or perhaps the baby is having a difficult time latching on. Breast pumps come in different shapes and sizes, and you would have to choose one depending on your needs, financial capabilities, or medical issues. Here are the most popular types of Amcal Breast Pumps:

  • Hands-free breast pumps are the recommended for breastfeeding moms with hectic schedules. You can pump while holding your baby, emailing, reading or working.
  • Manual breast pumps require the mother to squeeze a bulb to pump milk. They are pretty small and portable but are recommended for occasional use.
  • Battery-powered or electric breast pumps are convenient but can be significantly slow. They, too, should be for occasional use.
  • Hospital grade breast pumps are highly efficient, fast and are recommended for mothers who can’t breastfeed for medical reasons of if the baby is having difficulties latching on.
  • There may be several other types and categories of breast pumps available in the market. Breast pumps mentioned above are only the most popularly used.

Image for Avent Comfort Manual Breast Pump from Amcal

The Benefits of Providing Breast Milk to a Developing Infant

As stated earlier, providing breast milk for an infant at its early stages of development — by breastfeeding naturally or via the use of breast pumps — boosts the immune system. Breast milk provides different types of antibodies that protect the baby from various types of illnesses, reducing the infant’s likelihood of sudden infant mortality. Breast milk also helps a child develop a healthy digestive tract and stimulates vision and brain development. In addition to that, simple natural breast milk a lot cheaper than the alternative, baby formula. You can actually breastfeed your baby and save money you’ll later use to buy diapers and improve your diet and increase the value to breast milk to your child. Lactating mothers can even keep the milk extracted using breast pumps for later by refrigerating or freezing it.

Optifast Shake Program

How Optifast Shakes Can Change Your Life

Optifast Shake Program
The OPTIFAST Program is designed to monitor weight loss and help participants feel better, physically and emotionally. The program was created to last a total of 26 weeks. Using Optifast Shakes, a meal replacement plan is started with each person. Participants will then transition from the Optifast Shakes at Amcal to meals that are prepared every day. The meal plan is also combined with health education and support from the Optifast team.How Does it Work?
In addition, to the Optifast Shakes, there are different components to the program:Meal Replacement and Medical Assistance
The meal replacement component will enable participants to easily cut out unhealthy food choices. This is where the Optifast Vanilla Shake at Amcal mainly come into play. The portions of food along with the types of food you eat will be evaluated and monitored in order to move along to the next step in your weight loss journey. Physicians will make sure that all weight loss is healthy and sustainable for your body.

Image for Optifast VLCD Coffee Shake - 12 x 53g Sachets from Amcal

Education will be given out on different topics such as exercise, everyday choices, and nutrition. This education will empower participants to design a better, and healthier, lifestyle for themselves.

Counseling and Emotional Support
The program is not just built on drinking Optifast Shakes! Participants will receive counseling and any extra support that is needed. This will encourage not only the physical change but mental change as well. There are both individual and group counseling options available. The counseling component is run by health experts who understand the challenges of the program, and of health in general.

Image for Optifast VLCD Strawberry Shake - 12 x 53g Sachets from Amcal

Personalized Assistance
Because every person is different, every journey to health will be different as well. Because of this, the Optifast Shake program offers differentiated assistance to every participant in the program. Assistance is even offered after the program to make sure that everyone is able to sustain their success that they made initially.

Learn more at https://www.amcal.com.au/optifast-vlcd-strawberry-shake—53g-x-12-pack-new-p-7613035758377